WIKI: YouTube playlist for aspiring rebels | Overview

YouTube playlist for aspiring rebels | Overview

We recommend watching this series of educational videos produced by XR UK. Content of these videos nicely complements written documents and is easy to digest.


  1. Organizing a peaceful Rebellion
  2. Tips on road blocks?
  3. How to organize swarming?
  4. Tips on Political Transition and Sortition
  5. Workshop - Outreach and Training Overview
  6. Workshop - How XR local groups and affinity groups work
  7. How to do a roadblock?
  8. How to take minutes for XR?
  9. Explanation of the Introductory Outreach Talk
  10. What the 10 working principles of XR mean?

Watching the full playlist of 11 videos will take you a bit over 1,5 hours. You don’t have to do it at one go though. It can be helpful to turn automatic subtitling on if you find the language to be spoken unclear or too quick.

Start watching either using the navigation menu below or jumping directly to the interesting video from the links in the playlist!

:arrow_forward: Watch Part 1: Organizing a peaceful Rebellion