WIKI: Add events to public calendar

Adding events to calendar

Once you’ve created event in facebook, it’s also good practice to add it on Elokapina’s own calendar which is publicly available at our homepage.

Direct link to the calendar.


  1. Login to cloud.

  2. Click Calendar icon in the navigation bar at the top of the cloud interface. Calendar view opens.

  3. Click the day of the event in the calendar. Fill the name, select calendar Elokapina tapahtumat (julkinen) and uncheck All day event, set time of the event instead.

  4. Click More…

  5. More detailed view opens on the right panel, and now you can add Location and Description.

    • You can also copy and paste the event description from facebook and / or add link to the facebook event.

    Animation: Example of how event can be added. (Done using Helsinki local group’s cloud account).

Note! Choosing the right calendar is important. For public events choose Elokapina tapahtumat (julkinen). If you don’t want the event to appear publicly (on Elokapina’s website), you may choose working group’s own calendar or local group’s calendar.

Now you are all set to add new events to the calendar!

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